Going Green with Goodbeing

There are seemingly millions of subscription boxes available today, and with so many options it can be hard to choose which one is right for you.

If you are a green beauty enthusiast, it can be even harder. You don’t want to spend your money on a box that won’t deliver you products that are clean enough for you to use!

Enter Goodbeing, a subscription box that is customized to your specific wants and needs, and that only includes non-toxic beauty and lifestyle products.

The box retails for $21.00 a month but is offered at a discounted price if you subscribe for more than one month. Goodbeing would be a truly awesome gift for someone who is just getting started in natural beauty, and wants to try out a bunch of different brands and products to find their favorites!

  In The Box

dscn2668Goodbeing Subscription Box Reviewgoodbeing subscription boxslab soap oregon lavenderSLAB soap oregon lavenderemani hybrid cream colorEMANI hybrid cream colorbella aura antioxidant boosterbalanced guru optimist100 percent pure bright eyes maskgoodbeing subscription box review

The great thing about this box is it includes a card for every single product included that lets you know not only what it is and how much it is, but how to use it. That is really awesome, especially if you are giving this as a gift to a beauty newbie!


The first product I pulled out was the SLAB Soap in Oregon Lavender. You get a full sized soap in here, and it retails for $5.00. It says the soap will last you up to five weeks, which is awesome, and the scent is absolutely amazing! There are real bits of lavender in the soap, which adds a pretty touch to the soap.

EMANI Hybrid Cream Color

Okay, this is stunning right??? The Hybrid Cream Color retails for $20.00 so already the box is worth more than what you pay! YAY for bargains! This is a cream eyeshadow, highlighter and blush all in one. This is perfect for those girls on the go (or beginners) that want an all in one product. When mixed all together it’s a soft pinky champagne color which is absolute #goals!

Bella Aura Antioxidant Booster

So this Antioxidant Booster is a sample size, but the full size is $125.00! This is a deluxe sample size that is a third of the regular size, which means it would be around $33.00. WOW. This is a facial moisturizer that is going to protect you from environmental toxins and gives your skin the ability to fight off toxins. Super excited about this!

Balanced Guru Optimist

This is another full-size option (holla) that is $10.00 regularly. I have never used an Apothecary Mist before, and I can’t really say I am particularly jazzed to have received it, but I know that it would be good for others!

100% Pure Bight Eyes Mask

This Eye Mask from 100% Pure is infused with cellulose and caffeine to naturally brighten and depuff your eyes. I absolutely love 100% Pure, so I was really excited to see them represented in my box. I don’t personally struggle with puffy eyes, but I know this is a struggle for a lot of women. These look so awesome!

Total value of the box: $75.00

I would highly recommend this box for anyone, whether you only use green beauty or not! It’s a great subscription beauty box and well worth the price!

Let me know what your favorite subscription box/bag is, I would love to know!

I received this box as a PR sample, but all opinions expressed are always my own and 100% genuine!



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