Facial Oils // What They Are and How To Use Them

best facial oils

At first glance, facial oils may seem like a “no no”. You may be thinking, “Are you kidding me, you want me to put oil on my face? ” But just hear me out, they truly are good for you, and when used correctly, can truly benefit your skin in a multitude of ways. 

What even is a facial oil?

Basically, it is a plant-based oil that is designed to add and help your skin retain moisture. When you purchase a quality facial oil, you can see the oil is a combination of different essential oils that benefit your skin in different ways. They are packed with plant based ingredients to protect and nourish your skin.

How do I use them?

Facial oils have a multitude of uses, and it’s not always just moisturizing.

Pouring Out Facial Oil


Obviously, this is the most widely used function of a facial oil. Ingredients like jojoba and rose hip essential oils form a lipid barrier on the skin to protect and nourish the skin while adding moisture. You can use them alone or if you suffer from especially dry and chapped skin you can use them in conjunction with a regular cream moisturizer for extra hydration on the skin. I have been loving the Pouring Out Facial Oil for an extra boost of hydration during these winter months! You can check it out for 20% off right here.

all natural facial oil Isolde skincare Priming facial oil


Who knew you could prime with an oil? With essential oils like Rose Hip and Camellia, this priming oil from Isolde Skincare brightens, moisturizes, and protects the skin from the elements to keep your makeup fresh all day. Only use a few drops (2-4) for the perfect amount of moisture. With the code LOVED2017 you can get 20% off your order! Yay for discounts!

Physicians Formula Argan oil facial oils


A pro-tip that makeup artists and beauty experts use is mixing a facial oil with foundation. This helps with the foundation blending process and gives a boost of radiance and hydration to the skin. One of my personal favorites is the Physician’s Formula Argan Oil. it is super moisturizing and affordable!

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping night oil review


A facial oil can also be a vessel for overnight treatments. They can moisturize your skin why adding a potent treatment to your skin. Such is the case with the Sunday Riley Luna Oil, which houses Trans-retinoic Acid Ester, a natural and less harsh derivative of Retinol.

Thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts on facial oils!




13 thoughts on “Facial Oils // What They Are and How To Use Them

  1. My go to oil in the winter is Tsubaki OIl. I posted about this miracle oil of the Geisha’s in my blog. Great for dry skin…not ideal for skin prone to outbreaks though due to its high oleic content. Check the post u like!

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      1. Please do and tell me what you think!

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