Winter Beauty Essentials // Green and All-Natural

Green Beauty WInter Skincare

Snow, Christmas, Hot Chocolate and Warm Blankets. All of these things are wonderful parts of winter. However, it can bring dryness, tightness, and discomfort to the face and body.

These are a few of my absolute favorite skin and body care products that are all natural, green and vegan. Not only are these going to be gentle and nourishing for the skin and body, but they are not going to have any synthetic chemicals or toxins!

TrueFormulation Honey + Rose Silk Creamvegan green beauty facial oilAll Natural Green Beauty Cleansing Oil


My Winter skincare routine is all about adding hydration to the face, and not stripping it of any of its natural oils. My skin can be rather sensitive, so I love using these natural products as I know they won’t irritate my skin with harsh chemicals. Having a moisturized base is essential to making makeup apply smoother and look nicer on the skin. My favorites for pumping some hydration into the skin are the Pouring Out Facial Oil for a more lightweight but still effective moisturizer, and the TrueFormulation Honey + Rose Silk Cream. When my skin is looking very dry and dull, I will even use them in conjunction with each other! Feel free to check out my full post on facial oils for more info on them!

Throughout the day,, to refresh my makeup I will spritz a bit of the Isolde Skincare Calming Mist to hydrate and soothe dry of chapped skin from the cold and windy weather. Isolde as a brand is 100% plant-based, and their Calming Mist and contains no alcohol, which is an ingredient you will often find in conventional facial mists. Use code LOVED2017 for 20% off your order at Isolde!

Green Beauty BodyButterdscn2722-2

 Body Care

This  Oceania Body Cream from Live Botanical is absolutely amazing for an all over body cream! It is infused with the organic essential oils Bergamot (bergapten-free), Lavender, Lime, Neroli and Amyris and is extremely moisturizing to the skin. Not only is is effective, but it smells fresh, floral and sweet, and you will smell it long after you have applied it! All of the ingredients in Live Botanical are organic, sustainable, ethically wildcrafted, local, GMO-free or fair trade, so I know my skin is only absorbing high-quality ingredients. With code LOVEDBYLIV you get 20% off your order at Live Botanical!

If you want a lightweight, but still hydrating body moisturizer, the Body Oil in Impulsive from Frank and Batten is one of my absolute favorites!



The cold frosty air can dry out your tresses, so keeping them hydrated and smooth is a must. I love the Rahua Omega 9 hair mask for adding nutrients and oils back into my hair and for protecting it from the harsh weather during winter! It is the absolute best hair mask I have ever used, and it has been saving my hair!



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