Review of Tower 28 Beauty

Hey lovely!

Today We are going to be talking all things Tower 28 Beauty! This brand is a nontoxic, clean makeup brand designed for sensitive skin. They don’t use fragrance, fillers, or animal byproducts in any of their makeup. They can also be found at Sephora, under their clean beauty filter. I have been super excited to give their brand a look, as I haven’t really heard much about them, besides them quickly becoming very popular in the clean beauty world. I love that this brand comes form a place of gearing towards sensitive skin, and are complying with all recommendations from the National Eczema Associations’ guidelines. In their words…


tower 28

Please check out my video below for an in depth look at how the products apply and wear, and keep scrolling through to look at pictures and find links to all of the products.

Video Review of Tower 28 Beauty


Bronzino Cream Bronzer: a dewy, shimmery, cream bronzer designed for an illuminating bronzy look. Definitely a unique product in my book!

BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm in Happy Hour: this is definitely the most creamy and pigmented bronzer I have ever tried! This bright pink shade is perfect for summer!

SuperDew Highlighting Balm: This highlighter is unlike any on the market right now… I’m starting to get a pattern here.. This is not shimmery, not glittery, just very glassy and dewy on the skin, perfect for a no-makeup, makeup kinda look.

ShineOn Jelly Lipgloss: Probably the least unique, but still pretty awesome products. A high shine gloss perfect for adding a a glossy effect to your favorite lip color, or wearing on its own.



Let me know your thoughts!

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