Luxury Green Beauty Worth The Splurge

When switching to clean and all natural beauty products, one of the downturns is that there aren’t a lot of inexpensive options. That makes sense because the ingredients are high quality and not synthetically made. But even so, you don’t want to spend your money on a product that isn’t going to be worth your money and your time.

Not to worry, I have created a list of luxury, clean green beauty products that are worth every penny!



Kypris Deep Forest Clay Mask

This detox mask from Kypris does everything to clear out the gunk from your pores and leaves you feeling refreshed and detoxified. It is a powerful treatment infused organically wildcrafted ingredients to give your skin the detoxification and gentle exfoliation it needs to be blemish free. I love using this mask once a week for 20 minutes. It has made a significant improvement in the size of my pores, and has helped keep my skin blemish free, soft, and bright! It is truly a miracle product, and I would recommend this to anyone struggling with skin congestion. Kypris makes amazing products, and they have recently been added to the shelves of Nordstrom, making waves in the beauty community!

Berlin Skin Sandalwood Cream

Berlin Skin prides itself on having skincare products designed for the modern minimalist. This sandalwood cream is perfect for the no-fuss lady who still wants to invest in herself. Containing zero parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, or synthetic fragrances, this moisturizer as clean as it comes. Berlin Skin‘s products are made with renewable energy in the USA so you can rest assured you are supporting a trustworthy and environmentally conscious brand. Not to mention their packaging is stunning and high quality. I love using the sandalwood cream under makeup for a perfectly moisturized base that holds onto foundation all day! Use code “save” for 10% off your order!

Orenda Skincare Illuminating Eye Concentrate

Orenda Skincare focuses on high quality, clean, effective ingredients that you can rely on. Free from GMOs, animal testing, toxins, and gluten, anyone can use their products and feel confident in their decision. I love this eye concentrate because it is very lightweight, and uses a roller ball applicator that acts to depuff and brighten even on my most tired of days! Truly amazing and life changing product, excellent work Orenda! Use code “LovedbyLiv20” for 20% off your order!

Body And Hair Care

Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask

If I can recommend one hair item for the rest of my life, I am confident it would be this hair mask! It leaves my hair feeling so soft, so strong, and makes my hair smell amazing for days! Rahua is committed to offering high-quality hair care with sustainable and clean ingredients! I am in love with Rahua Hair, and can’t wait to try more of their products!

Chocolate Sun Sunless Tanner

Not only is the Chocolate Sun Tanning Cream the best sunless tanner I have ever used, it has some of cleanest ingredients of any tanner I have ever tried! Chocolate Sun’s products are free of mineral oils, dyes, lanolin, parabens, PABA, alcohol, petrochemicals, sodium lauryl sulfate, and formaldehyde. They use all organic and plant derived ingredients, and never test on animals! This self-tanner is so natural looking and never has that “self-tanner smell” that characterizes so many of the sunless tanners on the market. Use code LBLiv20 for 20% off, such a great deal!


Gressa Illuminating Serum and  Serum Foundation

If there is a clean and green makeup brand that represents high quality, sustainable and effective products, it is Gressa Skin.The illuminating serum is the perfect consistency for mixing with any liquid base for a dewy, fresh, ethereal glow! it has been my go-to for days when I am sick of the dry, cold winter weather!

The Corrective Serum Foundation is a great multi-use product, as its lightweight texture gives it the ability to be used as a foundation and concealer in one. It has really great coverage, lasts all day, and the ingredient list is spot on!

I hope you enjoyed this list, let me know which product you would be most interested in trying out!



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