All Natural and Freshly Made // TrueFormulation Rose Skincare

Welcome back to another Tried and Tuesday! Who’s been liking it so far? TrueFormulation Skincare is on the chopping block today, in particular, their Honey+Rose Skincare line.

A bit about the brand:

TrueFormulation was created by Sophie to be a premium skincare that is 100 percent natural. Free of artificial fragrances and chemical additives, this skincare line is a dream come true for the natural skincare lover. Their products are handmade fresh upon each order and due to their natural ingredients, they expire within 2 months. But, you can sign up for a replenishment service to never be without any of your favorites!

TrueFormulation Rose Skincare line all natural skincareTrueFormulation Honey and Rose Silk CreamTrueFormulation Rose Elixir facial toner


Honey + Rose Facial Cream

This facial cream comes in a 2-ounce jar and retails for $24.50. It is very thick and emollient, and therefore best suited for dry skin types. I really love this under makeup when I wear a matte foundation (like the Lancome Tient Idole). Especially during these winter months when my skin is a bit dull, this feels so good! Check it out/buy it right over here!


Freshly brewed rose water; African black honey; propolis; argan, sweet almond, avocado, coconut, olive, and grapeseed oils; beeswax; rose oils; essential oils.

Rose Elixir

This facial toner is a rose lover’s dream come true! I use it before makeup, to set my makeup, part of my nighttime routine, to refresh during the day, whenever!! The Rose Elixir is very reminiscent of the Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray, but in a glass bottle and with fewer ingredients. This is a great spray for all skin types, but it smells strongly of rose, so if you aren’t a fan of rose scents, you definitely will not enjoy this. Overall, I really love it, and the ingredients are so pure I always feel great about putting it on my skin.


Freshly brewed rose water; aloe vera; chamomile; vegetable glycerin; rose oils; essential oils.

Lip Balms

The Honey and Rose Collection comes with two lip balms, one that is in a pot, and one that is the regular ol’ tube format. I definitely prefer the tube version, I find the formula is a lot creamier and more emollient. Also, the tube is more hygienic since you don’t need to stick your finger in the pot to get the formula out.


African black honey; shea and cocoa butter; argan, olive, grapeseed, coconut, sweet almond, and avocado oils; beeswax; essential oils; rose petal; mint; neem; green tea; ginkgo; citrus; calendula; eucalyptus; chrysanthemum; sunflower.

Let me know your thoughts about TrueFormulation, and leave suggestions about what you would like to see in future Tried and Tested Tuesdays!

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