Pure and Modern // WildBloom Skincare

A fear some people may have in switching to clean and natural skincare is that they may have to sacrifice the feel of conventional products. While it is nice to step outside f your comfort zone and explore many different options, I think is is amazing when a green beauty company gives the feel and look of products that are familiar.

That is what I have found in WildBloom Skincare. It is a pretty new skincare company based in Colorado and offers a full range of clean and natural skincare items for any skin type. Can we just take a moment and appreciate the beautiful packaging? Sigh… I could look at it all day.

A cool aspect of WildBloom Skincare is that they base every single ingredient they use on the EWG Skin Deep Database! This ensures the ingredients are the purest and best for your skin.


Wild Flower and Honey Cleanser

My favorite way to use this cleanser is during my second cleanse at night. It is really good at getting all of the gunk and dirt off of your face! It is a foaming cleanser, but unlike conventional foaming cleansers, it does not contain any SLS.  SLS can be irritating to the skin, so WildBloom has substituted it with Organic Aloe. This cleanser is designed for sensitive, dry/normal skin types, and I would have to agree. However, since it is so good at cleansing, I don’t use this in the morning as it is a bit too intense of a cleanse and can leave my face feeling a bit dry.

Moisture Whip Face Cream

The Moisture Whip is probably my favorite item in this range and the one I would most highly recommend for normal to dry skin types. I love applying it underneath makeup, as it is a great primer and moisturizer in one! It makes my face feel hydrated and soft all day long, many hours after I have been running back and forth to classes and activities. The key ingredients are avocado oil, lactic acid, and Vitamin C, which are all fantastic ingredients for hydrating and brightening your skin and lightening any acne scars you may have!


Ayurvedic Soothing Clay Mask

If you have sensitive skin, bu still want a clarifying mask, this Ayurvedic Soothing Clay Mask is the one for you. I have some redness in my skin, and it can become irritated if I use a really deeply clarifying mask. This is the perfect solution for the days when I want to use a clarifying mask, but I am dealing with some skin sensitivity. Fantastic product, very well thought out and designed!


Essential Glow

The Essential Glow is infused with wild neroli, pomegranate, and marula oil for clarifying, hydrating and promoting cellular renewal. It works really well in conjunction with the Moisture Whip when my skin is really dry and dehydrated from the winter weather. It is designed for normal to combination skin, and the ingredients reflect that purpose.

I hope you enjoyed that post, and don’t forget to check out Wildbloom Skincare!




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